SCD Engine Services

Our expert service technicians perform all maintenance and repair work for you.

We offer a comprehensive repair service from minor repairs to major overhauls. All repair work is completed to the highest of OEM specifications and guaranteed. There is a full support service on offer for the Detroit Diesel, Steyr Motors, Kubota and Deutz products.

We also maintain, repair and overhaul other brands such as Caterpillar, Perkins and MAN on all power ranges.

Kubota Engines covered: All models
Detroit Diesel Engines covered: 53, 71, 92, 149 and Series 60 models
Deutz Engines covered: All models
Steyr Engines covered: All models

Benefits of complete maintenance agreements at a glance:

  • High value retention
  • Optimum servicing by trained staff
  • Use of genuine parts
  • Extremely short turnaround time for engine overhauls
  • One-stop shop – only one point of contact
  • Reduction of own business risk by virtue of predictable costs over the term of the agreement
  • Cost savings in terms of personnel and workshop capacity and equipment
  • Fully insured for employers/public liability, products liability

Only by carefully considering the purchase price and running costs of an engine is it possible to make the right choice. SCD can now simplify and standardize calculations for the overall maintenance costs of an engine.

Cost and Benefit: Getting the balance right


Having a floor area of over 8,000 sq. ft. our eight workstations cater for a high capacity of engine overhauls. Each workstation has the facility to overhaul and repair engines effectively using modern engine stands and all required specialist tooling. Three gantry cranes cover all of the workshop floor area and have capacity to lift 6.3 ton.

Our workshop floor layout ensures a thorough work flow increasing the turn around time for customers requirements. Staff members are involved in supported product training, which is certified and updated on a regular basis.

Upon completion of a successful test procedure each overhauled unit has a protective paint coating applied in our paint area, then, detailed for quality control prior to being made available for goods outwards.

Engine Test Area

At South Coast Diesels all engine overhauls and major repairs are stringently tested to the highest standards. Our test facilities include both a DPY-5 and a DPX-3 dynamometer that have the capacity to test up to 1100BHP and 250BHP respectively.

All engines tested are monitored via a specialist data acquisition system, recording all pressures, temperatures and loads. Encompassing all values the data acquisition equipment provides printouts at various loads showing power curves, this guarantees the advertised rated power output and calibration of the engines fuel management system.

With the engines built and tested to the highest standards our customers can be assured of certified reliability.

Parts Wash Facilities

Using two high temperature non-caustic solution rotary washes all parts are thoroughly cleaned, with these IDEA machines each engine component is put through a cycle and then visually inspected. Putting all parts through this cleaning process leaves them free of deposits and residues.


Full range of service parts for Deutz, Detroit Diesel, Kubota and Steyr supported products

With over 2,000 sq. ft. of parts storage space we carry a vast range of components to effectively support our customers needs and requirements. Having the right part at hand limits downtime that may have a negative effect on the business of our customers. Consignment stock is also a service that we provide, this is of great benefit to our customers that require spare parts immediately on site.

We carry a full range of service parts for Deutz, Detroit Diesel, Kubota and Steyr supported products. Spare parts in stock include regular maintenance parts and various components in the event of premature failure.